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With 20 years experience we understand completely the intricate needs of aerospace and military gears  as well as
tube bending and tube forming.  We can help you design a tube that incorporates any or all of the following
processes: bendingcollaringcrimpingcuttingend formingmeasuring and wire bending.


Gear Manufacturing

Gear Manufacturing

Dia Sales has experience sourcing gears with manufacturers that are AS9100 and ITAR certified. Providing excellent value to those purchasing highly accurate gears for the military and aerospace industries.

Tube Bending & Measuring

Tube Bending

The state of Tube Bending in the United States dictates an approach that takes into account a variety of expertise that is not captured in one supplier because all tube applications are not created equal. Read more about the tube benders, tools for tube benders, and tube measuring equipment we sell.

Tube Cutting & Forming

Tube Bending

If you are cutting or forming tubes, let us help you determine the very best solution for your tube application. Read more about our specific areas of expertise.

Tips on Sourcing Gears: Open Gears, Gearboxes, Taking Over Gear Manufacturing from an OEM

Buying professionals are programmed to select a vendor based on price, quality, and delivery. However, if the above questions are worked through and proper due diligence done, the buyer is assured to achieve the successful sourcing of a gear product that will have the best features of price, quality and delivery. read more