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Industries we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft engines
  • Helicopters
  • Military systems
  • medical devices
  • semiconductor

Gear Services we provide:

  • 20 years experience in the Industry
  • Customer service on quote solicitations
  • Quality evaluation of applications
  • Site visit to evaluate potential applications
  • On site management
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Southern Gear

Southern Gear is a Miami-based, aerospace quality gear manufacturer that does almost half of its activity in the Northeast.  Because of its location, Southern Gear is able to provide excellent value to those purchasing aerospace quality gears.  Purchasers that need to provide highly accurate gears to the military and aerospace industries will find that Southern Gear is a first-rate, well managed, and financially stable company.

Delivery and quality expectations of aerospace and military customers have exponentially increased in the past 5 years.  Southern Gear has made the correct investments in quality systems, CNC gear making equipment, CNC machining and turning equipment, gear metrology equipment, personnel, and lean manufacturing to handle delivery issues efficiently.  Southern Gear has always provided great value and quality.  Everything is in place to give customers the very best service: interaction through site visits, quick and cost-effective quotes, superb quality, top-notch engineering expertise with a long tradition of making gears, and great delivery performance. 

  • Sophisticated open gearing

    Sophisticated open gearing

  • Ring gear

    Ring gear

  • Splines, sector,bevel, planetary, non circular,  shafts

    Splines, sector,bevel, planetary, non circular, shafts

  • Helical, cluster, broach, spline, combos

    Helical, cluster, broach, spline, combos

  • Splined bevel gear shaft

    Splined bevel gear shaft

Why Diasales and Southern Gear?

Diasales has been selling gears and gear boxes in New England for 20 years. Initially, we were the contract sales engineers for Arch Gear Works, a major vendor to GE Lynn (Aircraft Engine) and GE Pittsfield (Tank and Bradley turret and transmission gears).  Since Arch Gear Works has long been absorbed into Southern Gear, we have branched out into New England as the New England Sales Engineering staff for Southern Gear.  Diasales services Raytheon, General Dynamics in Burlington, Vermont and Sterling Heights, Michigan; Hamilton Sundstrand, and L-3 Communications in Muskgeon, Michigan.  We also do business with Kaman Aerospace, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Goodrich, and vendors to GE, General Dynamics, and Raytheon.

For years Diasales has maintained site presence at key accounts and security clearances to allow easy access to our customers.  Furthermore, Diasales engages customers with respect to quality audits, delivery information, quote management, long term agreements, and supplier conferences.  In countless applications we have assisted customers who formerly made the gear, to now outsource them with Southern Gear.  Diasales has and will help in the transition of your equipment and process to Southern Gear’s facility.  We continually engage customers with respect to new gear applications and gearboxes, including the JSF fighter.

Relevant products:  Precision aerospace gearing to AGMA 15, bevel gears, coniflex bevel gears, precision ground gears, open gears, gearboxes, cluster gears, sector gears, ring gears, worm gears, rack gears, helical gears, and splines.

Relevant services:  CNC gear grinding,  ID/OD grinding, open gear and gearbox design,  gun drilling, CNC gear hobbing, CNC gear shaping, and broaching.