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Tube bending services we provide-this could also be on the top of the crippa and smt pages-out tube bending principals

Expertise, machine selection, and tooling for bending and measuring applications related to industries in New England and New York:

1) aircraft tube bending

2) large diameter pipe bending for shipbuilding

3) large diameter and thin wall bending for duct work

4) tight bending

5) push bending

6) rectangular and square bending

7) incorporating tight bends and large diameter bends in the same tube

8) compound bending

9) less than 1 D bending

10) small diameter tube for medical applications

11) automotive cooling and heating applications

12) copper tube bending as it relates to HVAC OEM applications

13) large diameter (2, 3, 4, and 5″), thin wall (.028, .035, and .049) stainless steel and aluminum (6061), tight radius bending

14) making serpentine heat exchangers

15) making bundle heat exchangers