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Tube Bending

Industries we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft engines
  • Helicopters
  • Shipbuilding
  • HVAC
  • Automotive cooling and heating
  • OEMs
  • Medical devices
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The state of Tube Bending in the United States dictates an approach that takes into account a variety of expertise that is not captured in one supplier because all tube applications are not created equal.

Tube bending is done through three principle forms of fabrication: roll, compression, and rotary draw bending.

1.  Rolling is implemented when the radius is greater than 6 times the diameter of the tube.

2.  Compression bending is the method of choice if the radius is greater than 2.5 times the diameter of the tube because compression bending is faster.  Compression bending can be used in HVAC or furniture bending applications.

3.  Rotary draw bending is the most accurate and versatile (to a point) method of bending tube because it can accommodate very tight bends (bending that has a radius of one tube diameter: sometimes we can do this even tighter depending upon the equipment) up to 8 times the diameter of the tube.  The larger the radius for rotary draw bending, the more expensive the tooling.   The tradeoffs must be carefully measured to determine the very best tube bending method for a particular application.

Wave guide applications, square and rectangular bending, small medical tubes (less than .100 of an inch), and large diameter tubes with thin walls (5 inch, .032 wall, stainless or aluminum, with a 5 inch center line radius) have their own tooling and equipment complexities and demands.  With today’s equipment, tight bends and large radii can be accommodated by the same piece of equipment on round, rectangular, and square applications.

If the goal is to keep cleaning tubes to a minimum or to meet particular wall thinning and ovality quality demands, careful consideration must be given to tooling and equipment.

Dia Sales has been involved in countless tube design applications.  We have incorporated end forms or various end finishing conditions as part of the tube design.

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Dia Sales has vast experience with applications involving: aircraft tube bending, one D bending, thin wall bending, large diameter pipe bending for marine and ship building, CNC all electric bender, bending of small tubes and medical device, trochars, cannulas, capillary tubing; bending for HVAC applications: coiling, bending, copper refrigeration tube; titanium, inconel, aluminum, stainless steel, cold and hot rolled steel; bending of Aluminum 6061 alloys; less than one D bending, boost bending, compound bending, compound tooling, multiple radius bending, wave guide bending, pressure die assist, cold bending, duct work, large diameter thin walled bending, push bending, large radius bending, multiple radius bending, calendaring, bending shoe, tube collets, tube stops, boiler tube, bending for semi conductor applications, Addition Benders, Addison Benders, Eaton Leonard Benders, remanufactured Pines benders, remanufactured Eaton Leonard benders, remanufactured Chiyoda benders, remanufactured Eagle benders; bend tooling for all makes and models of benders including Pines, Crippa, Eaton Leonard, Schwartz Wirth, Robitec, Miic, Eagle, Addison, Unison, Wallace, Wallace Coast,  Chiyoda, Keins, YLM, and Soco.